A Martian Christmas
RELEASE DATE: 10/28/2011
DIRECTORS: Jose Alejandro, Garcia Munoz
CAST: Dino Andrade, Mac Grave, Robert Mark Klein
GENRE(s): Cartoon / Kids, Christmas
SYNOPSIS: Finally, a holiday special that is literally out of this world! When a Martian civilization discovers a space exploration device from Earth, they mistakenly assume Earthlings are planning to invade Mars! In response, they send a spaceship to destroy Earth, which just happens to arrive during one of our most beloved holiday seasons -- Christmas. But things don't go as planned: an 8-year-old Martian kid, Kip, stowaways on the ship to spend time with his busy father, the commander of the ship. With Kip aboard, the mission is put in jeopardy. Discovered, Kip accidentally jettisons himself to Earth's surface in a space pod. Now his father must go to the surface and find his son before the planet is destroyed! They search for each other amidst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, and begin realize that the Martians perception of Earthlings is horribly wrong.




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